Saturated Oil Viscosity(μo,s)

Dynamic or absolute viscosity is defined as resistance to flow exerted by a fluid. It is a measure of the magnitude of internal friction between fluid layers as they move relative to each other.

The viscosity of oil records a minimum value at the bubble point. With the continued depletion of reservoir pressure and the release of free gas, the reservoir oil becomes heavier (i.e., more viscous) due to loss of lighter components to the free gas.

Reference: PVT Property Correlations, Ahmed El-banbi, 2018


  • 1-Hanafy et al
  • 2-Beggs and Robinson
  • 3-Chew and Connally
  • 4-De Ghetto et al

Input Parameters

NameInput Value - UnitConverted ValueValidityLink to Calculation Page
Oil Density Density of oil at bubble point pressure
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g/cm³ - g/cc

Saturated Oil Density (ρo,s)
Dead Oil Viscosity (μo,d)



Dead Oil Viscosity(μo,d)
Solution Gas/Oil Ratio (Rs) More Details



Oil Gas Solubility (Rs)
Stock Tank Oil Specific Gravity (ɣo) More Details


deg API

Saturated Oil Density (ρo,s)


CorrelationCalculated ValueWarningsRemarks
1-Hanafy et al0.309cpDeveloped for Egyptian oils gathered from the Gulf of Suez, Western Desert, and Sinai regions.
2-Beggs and Robinson0.3cpGenerally applicable for all oil types
3-Chew and Connally0.315cp
4-De Ghetto et al5cpMediterranean Basin, Africa, and the Persian Gulf