Dead Oil Viscosity(μo,d)

Dynamic or absolute viscosity is defined as resistance to flow exerted by a fluid. It is a measure of the magnitude of internal friction between fluid layers as they move relative to each other.

High viscosity is usually associated with low GOR oils; lower viscosity is usually seen with high GOR oils.

Reference: PVT Property Correlations, Ahmed El-banbi, 2018


  • 1-Beggs and Robinson
  • 2-Glaso
  • 3-Ng and Egbogah
  • 4-Beal
  • 5-De Ghetto et al

Input Parameters

NameInput Value - UnitConverted ValueValidity CheckLink to Calculation Page


Stock Tank Oil Specific Gravity (ɣo) More Details

deg API

Saturated Oil Density (ρo,s)


CorrelationCalculated ValueWarningsRemarks
1-Beggs and RobinsoncpGenerally applicable for all oil types
3-Ng and Egbogahcp
5-De Ghetto et alcpMediterranean Basin, Africa, and the Persian Gulf